Men Grooming

Face wash and creams

Name Packsize
Ultra glow men’s face wash 50gm to 250gm
Men’s fairness cream 50gm to 250gm
Men’s face creams 50gm to 250gm

Body wash and shower gels

Name Packsize
Tea tree body wash 50gm to 250gm
Whichhezel body wash 50gm to 250gm
Vetiver body wash 50gm to 250gm
Lavender body wash with beads 50gm to 250gm

Hair care and styling

Name Packsize
keratin conditioner 50gm to 250gm
Hair wax matte with sea salt 50gm to 250gm
Clear styling gel 50gm to 250gm
Hair fibre wax 50gm to 250gm
Frostie bouncy hair wax 50gm to 250gm
Extreme bond styling wax 50gm to 250gm
Hair cream wax 50gm to 250gm
Hair clay wax 50gm to 250gm
keratin shampoo 50gm to 250gm

Beard Grooming

Name Packsize
Beard softener 50gm to 250gm
Beard Oil 50gm to 250gm
Beard Growth oil 50gm to 250gm
Beard wax 50gm to 250gm
Beard Balm 50gm to 250gm
Beard gel wax 50gm to 250gm
Shaving cream 50gm to 250gm
After shave lotion 50gm to 250gm
Beard wash 50gm to 250gm

Men’s Grooming Product Manufacturers – Men’s Grooming Products have the fastest growing market segment in India. There has been tremendous growth in the use of men’s grooming products like men’s bath and shower, deodorant, skin and hair care products. So, if you are looking for the best range of men’s grooming products then Vive Cosmetics is the best solution for you all. As our company is known as the Leading Men’s Grooming Product Manufacturers in India, we are producing a long list of quality assured products for men. So, you can connect with our company now to enjoy the big long-range.

In recent times, it is seen that men take care of their skin and hair equally as women do. So, the market for the products for men has grown at a very high rate in the last few years. Thus, Vive Cosmetics has come up with all the essential product range that should be added in every man’s grooming kit. Use our extraordinary range of products to nourish your skin and hair well. For further details about our company and product range give us a call on 9041480773 or send us an email at

Why Men’s Grooming Products have a high demand in the market? 

Gone are the days when people used to think that men don’t need beauty care products to look good. The mindset has changed a lot and it’s no more a taboo that men don’t take care of their appearance. Today, there is several men’s grooming product list present in the market. As the Indian men are expanding their daily care routine beyond shaving and smelling good, many manufacturing companies in India are moving fast to bring a quality product range in the market. According to a report, from April 2018 to March 2019, many FMGC Companies came up with an estimated 177 new male grooming brands and products. Earlier only shaving and haircuts were included in the grooming services for men but with the changing style, trends and with the influence of social medicine and personal styles of actors, cricketers and other personalities the grooming segment has increased a lot. Thus, these manufacturing companies have been bringing all the products in the market to complete the growing demand.

So, if you are also looking for such a company in India that can manufacture a wide range of Men’s grooming products.  

Best Private Label Manufacturing Company for Men’s Grooming Products in India

Vive Cosmetics is a legally certified cosmetics manufacturing company in India that produces the widest range of Private Label products for all men, women, and kids. We are offering quality products to our customers and clients. So, if you are interested in having a business in this growing segment in India and want to deal with the best opportunities to earn profits connect with Vive Cosmetics and get an affordable range of products.

Our Mission  As the top cosmetology company in India, we work to provide a standardized range of well-researched products. Moreover, we have a mission to do continuous research to formulate innovative products for the healthy lives of all.

Our Vision – Vive Cosmetics has a vision of developing trust among all the customers in India with excellent services.

Quality Policy – As the Top Men's Grooming Product Manufacturers in India for Men’s grooming product list, we have set our manufacturing unit that formulates new solutions in this industry with honesty and transparency. All the manufacturing process is done under the supervision of our expert team and thus we guarantee about the quality that we are delivering in the market.

Why Vive Cosmetics is the Leading Men’s Grooming Product Manufacturers in India?

To complete the rising demand for the Men’s Grooming Segment in India, Vive Cosmetics has brought the best range of products. We promise you to deliver the best quality range in this segment. Moreover, Vive Cosmetics is capable of manufacturing the bulk orders of these men’s care range. Also, we guarantee you that all the products are manufactured through a cruelty-free process and no animal is being harmed during the process. So, connect with us to get the 100% satisfactory men’s product range which is certified by the GMP and WHO unit. You can completely rely on our manufactured product list. Join us today to get the widest products in the segments for –

  • Face wash and creams
  • Body wash and shower gels
  • Beard Grooming
  • Haircare and styling

So, associate with the best Men Grooming Products Manufacturers in India - Vive Cosmetics.

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