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Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturing Company in India – Beauty has no gender restriction. Every individual has a right to look good and presentable. People these days in India, irrespective of their gender focus on grooming themselves personally. Despite the largely rural areas in India, the cosmetics industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Even in the smallest village in India, people are showing interest in buying cosmetics products. Thus, cosmetics products have a huge demand in India and have a varied product range to deal with. Well, if you are looking for a good Cosmetics Third Party Manufacturing Company in India, connect yourself with Vive Cosmetics now! We have invested a lot of effort and time in this cosmetic line.

How The Beauty And Cosmetics Industry Can Use This Lesser-Known Tax Credit

 Vive Cosmetics is among the Top Cosmetics Manufacturing companies with a wide range of GMP-certified cosmetics products. You will find a lot of reputed companies in India for the cosmetic range but not all have their own manufacturing plants. Our company works to fulfill all the market demand by delivering the widest cosmetics range. To knowing more about our company and our products, give Vive Cosmetics a call on 9041480773 or send us an email at

Rising Demand For the Cosmetic Products In India

The cosmetic industry in India is approximately USD 24.53 billion and is expected to grow up to USD 33.33 billion by the end of this decade. So, the CAGR rate of the personal and cosmetic product industry is approx. 6.32%. The reasons behind this surging demand for safe cosmetic products is that more women are entering the workforce and social media has a big impact on normalizing men's grooming and self-care. Also, the pandemic has had a big impact on consumer behavior.

  • Rising disposable income
  • Demand for an organic and chemical-free cosmetic range
  • Social media trends

The data clearly shows that over $4.4 billion worth of cosmetics is solely sold via different online platforms such as social media and e-commerce. Moreover, the survey conducted by some independent organizations shows that price is not the sole factor when buying a cosmetic product. In fact, it comes on the last of the factors before affecting the skin, fragrance of the product, effect on hair, and usage. 

Quality Third Party Manufacturers of Cosmetic Products in India

Vive Cosmetics is an innovative company for manufactures beauty care products in India. Our company works on producing the perfect solution for cosmetics brands through Third Party manufacturers in India services. Further, Our Company knows what the market wants and thus develops the most original range of products. We are a team of experienced professionals who make a flawless blended range of various cosmetics products. Our manufacturing unit has good experience in formulating products for the cosmeceutical market in India. We have knowledge of every aspect of this industry and thus we are capable of standing up to the expectations of our customers. Moreover, Vive Cosmetics has its own R&D team that focuses on the core innovations for manufacturing the products. So, you can join hands with Vive Cosmetics in India for an interesting range of products such as -

Leading Private Label Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturers In India

As the Leading Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturing Company in India, Vive Cosmetics offers several business benefits to all those who associate with us. Our company’s comprehensive services will allow all the other associated cosmetics companies and associates to do business with ease. So, join hands with Vive Cosmetics to get an excellently manufactured range of cosmetic chemicals and personal care products. Our third party services have helped many other cosmetics companies to build their brand portfolio. The quality of all the products we deliver is unmatchable and you cannot find any other company like Vive Cosmetics in India. With the increasing demand for cosmeceutical products in the market, we are working hard to be an outstanding manufacturing company always.

Further, Vive Cosmetics has invested tremendous efforts in formulating innovative skin and hair care products in the market. Thus, we provide a superlative range of skin creams, oil, makeup products, men’s hair products, baby cream, lotions, etc. Moreover, all these products are being delivered to our customers at an affordable price.

Why Vive Cosmetics is the Best Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturing Company in India?

Vive Cosmetics is one of the best Third Party Manufacturers for the cosmeceutical range all over India. We give 100% satisfaction to our clients with our qualitative product range and services. Further, our company has a year of experience in delivering the best quality cosmetics range. If you join Vive Cosmetics for skin care products in the Indian Market, you can definitely succeed. Moreover, the products of our unit manufacturers follow all the guidelines of WHO and GMP units. Being the most reliable cosmetics company in India, it is our duty to serve the safest product range for health betterment concerns. Moreover, associating yourself with us not only gives you good products but also promises you to provide great business benefits. So, invest your money with Vive Cosmetics for better business opportunities in India.

Being a part of a top Private Label Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturers - Vive Cosmetics. You are enjoying not only the best quality cosmetic range but an opportunity of making new connections with the company's assistance. There are many reasons which make us on the top of the chart of Private Label Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturers such as -

  • Highly equipped manufacturing facility
  • Offering Cosmetic Third Party Manufacturing Company In India at a competitive price.
  • Full assistance from our side.
  • Make connections within the cosmetic industry.
  • Private labeling is also available at Vive Cosmetics.
  • Available across all the states and cities. 

What are the Process and Documents Required for Third Party Manufacturing for Cosmetic Range?

The process of acquiring a cosmetic third party manufacturing company is -

1. First of all, select the cosmetic products and request rates. 

2. Secondly, finalize the quantity you want to order and the composition. Normally, one can minimum order of at least 2500 bottles and 2000 tubes. 

3. Confirm the order by giving some advance payment as per the agreement. 

4. Now, it is time for private labeling by checking the brand name, packing details, design, color, logo, design, etc.

5. Before the delivery of products, you need to submit the documents given below- 

  • Company Profile
  • Aadhar card/ Pan card
  • Copy of resolution for the authorized signatory to deal
  • Drug License 
  • TIN registration
  • Agreement for manufacturing
  • Certificate for non-resemblance

At last, for more information feel free to reach out to Vive Cosmetics!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Who is the best cosmetics third party manufacturing company in India?

A - Vive Cosmetics is the best cosmetics third party manufacturing company in India.

Q - Is the cosmetic business offering high-profit margins?

A - Yes, cosmetics products offer high-profit margins of up to 75%. It is a highly demanded segment with a vast market in India. 

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