Oral Care

Oral care

Name Packsize
Cosmetic and herbal toothpastes 50gm to 200gm
Gel based toothpaste 50gm to 200gm
Mouth wash with menthol 100ml to 200ml


Oral Care Products Manufacturers In India – The dental system is the most important part of the human body. Our mouth and the buccal cavity are the food intake controllers of our body. As it is a heavy-duty sector of the body thus, proper care is required for it. This has made it important for many companies in India to manufacture goof oral care products. And the business market for oral products has stood high in the recent few years. Well, if you are in the search for the Top Oral Care Products Manufacturers in India, associate yourself with Vive Cosmetics now.

Teeth are the most essential part of our body and keeping it hygienic and clean is the best you can do. So, to get the best products in the variant oral products, connect with Vive Cosmetics in India. We are giving the best business opportunities in the cosmetology sector with a varied range of products all over. Anyone who is interested in having their own business in the best quality products should join hands with us now. To know more about our product range, give us a call on 9041480773 or drop us an email at vivecosmetic@gmail.com.

The Rising Demand of Oral Care Products in India

There has been a quick growth in the value of FMCG products in the Indian sector in the last few years. People these days are demanding premium quality products which have led to an increase in the oral care industry in India. Moreover, there has been a rise in the awareness of oral hygiene. Even in the rural areas in India, people are shifting towards using toothpaste rather than the toothpowder. This market has created a strong presence in the market and thus, India has become the top player for the growth of Oral Care Products in the entire world.

The Indian oral care market consists of the top 5 categories which include a toothbrush, toothpowders, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. These products are the primary needs of a human being and thus the demand for such products can never go down in the market. The availability of a wide range of dental care products, rising incomes of the people and the increasing awareness among all have led to higher consumption of dental products and this demand is going to rise in the future. So, if a person is looking to have their own business in this industry, then he should pursue this opportunity with us right now.

Commitment by Vive Cosmetics as the Private Label Manufacturing Company in India

As we are the Top Private Label Manufacturers for Dental Care products in India, there are several commitments that we do in the market. The specialty of our company that makes us the best is as follows -

  • Vive Cosmetics delivers the supreme quality of oral care products for all the age groups.
  • Also, we work hard to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers and clients.
  • Being a responsible manufacturing company in India, we offer value for money with the right quality of products.
  • Our specialized manufacturing unit keeps a regular check on all the manufacturing processes irrespective of the product size. Thus, this helps in gaining the most effective dental care products.
  • Vive Cosmetics has a strong network in all the states in India, as our distributors are present in all the states in India. Thus, this helps in forming a stronger network.
  • Also, our company commits to deliver all the products on time without any delays.

Why Choose Vive Cosmetics the Top Oral Care Products Manufacturers In India?

You can join Vive Cosmetics now in India to get 100% satisfaction in the market. So, use our oral care range in India if you are looking for a successful profitable business here. Our manufacturing unit does not compromise with the quality and thus we use the most effective and natural raw material for the formulating process. All the Oral Products that we produce gets certified by the WHO and GMP regulations. Moreover, no animal is being harmed while producing our oral range in India. We have a lot to offer in the market such as Cosmetic and herbal toothpaste, Gel-based toothpaste, Mouth wash with menthol. So, connect with Vive Cosmetics in India now.

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