Hair Care Products

Hair serum

Hair serum with 3% redensil100ml to 50ml
Hair serum with caffeine100ml to 50ml
Hair serum with argon oil100ml to 50ml
Wheat germ oil and grape seed oil hair serum100ml to 50ml
Silicon oil with dimenthicone hair serum100ml to 50ml


Onion and caffeine Shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Potato Shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Onion and ginger Shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Onion shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Red clay Shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Green clay Shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Banana shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Neem shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Argan shampoo(Pearling)100ml to 1ltr
onion and honey suckle shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Keratin shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Protein shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Charcoal shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Biotin shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Biotin shampoo100ml to 1ltr
Dandruff control shampoo with piroctone olamine and jojoba oil100ml to 1ltr
hair fall control shampoo with Niacinamide, soyabean extract, wheat protein extract, vitamin-E and grape seed oil100ml to 1ltr
conditioning shampoo with polyquartenium 10, simenthicone, hydroxy ethyl urea100ml to 1ltr


Keratin hair Conditioner100ml to 1 ltr
onion hair conditioner100ml to 1 ltr
Bhringraj Sikakai Conditioner100ml to 1 ltr
Amla Methi and honey conditioner100ml to 1 ltr
Argon hair conditioner100ml to 1 ltr
Apple cidar vinegar hair conditioner100ml to 1 ltr
Dandruff control shampoo with piroctone olamine and jojoba oil100ml to 1 ltr
hair fall control shampoo with Niacinamide, soyabean extract, wheat protein extract, vitamin-E and grape seed oil100ml to 1 ltr
Heavy moist conditioner- Polyquartenium-10,Siethicone, Hydroxy Ethyl urea.100ml to 1 ltr

Hair oils & treatments

Onion hair oil (Red)100ml to 500ml
Potato hair oil100ml to 500ml
Green tea hair oil100ml to 500ml
Herbal hair oil100ml to 500ml
Coffee hair oil100ml to 500ml
hair oil for straightened100ml to 500ml
Anti grey hair oil100ml to 500ml
Hibiscus hair oil100ml to 500ml
Onion & Ginger hair oil100ml to 500ml
10 days hair oil100ml to 500ml
Apple cidar hair oil100ml to 500ml
Chocolate hair oil100ml to 500ml
Curry leaf hair oil100ml to 500ml
Amla bhringraj hair oil100ml to 500ml
Cool oil100ml to 500ml
18 in one oil100ml to 500ml

Hair Care Product Manufacturers – Every Part of our body is essential and needs to be taken care of. Hair is the most important beautification of our human body and thus, it requires special care and proper treatment. But due to the recent environmental changes, health problems many people tend to lose this beauty of their body. So, it causes many hair-related problems such as hair loss, hair breakage, and itchy scalp and so on. It has become vital to take care of our hair and for that, one should always use the best quality Hair Care Products. You can associate with Vive Cosmetics for the best range of products as we are the Top Hair Care Product Manufacturers in India.

Vive Cosmetics is an established manufacturer and supplier of the quality range of Hair Care Products in all over India. Our haircare product consists of a wide range with a variety of effects and helping the hair to become smooth, clean, and conditioned. There is a huge scope to get into the business for this Hair Care Range in India and connecting Vive Cosmetics will help you in earning profits. To know more about our company and product range; give us a call on 9646001101 or send us an email at

Uses of Quality Hair Care Products by Vive Cosmetics

Vive Cosmetics is the leading Private Label Manufacturing Company in India for the Hair Care Range. For this, we have set our own manufacturing plants that work on manufacturing the items that help in improving the condition of hair. Our products are capable of fighting all hair-related problems such as dryness, frizziness, hair loss, hair breakage, etc. Moreover, the product range we deliver in this section helps in fighting with dandruff, scalp conditioning, and scalp cleansing. You can rely on the product range that we deliver as all the products are formulated under the guidelines of GMP and WHO. Our manufacturing plant is set up with advanced technology and examined natural resources to formulate the world-class range of hair care products. All the products we deliver in the market are of affordable price and available in every part of India. So, if you are looking for a company that can give you the quality assured a range of hair care products, Vive Cosmetics is the right choice for you.

What Motives Does Vive Cosmetics Work?

Being the Top Cosmetics Manufacturing Company in India, there are several motives on which we work, such as –

  • Firstly, to deliver the highest quality hair care and other cosmetics range to all our customers and clients in India.
  • Secondly, to give 100% satisfaction and 24*7 client’s satisfaction to all.
  • Thirdly, Vive Cosmetics promises to offer value for money product range in the right quality as demanded by the market. Thus, gaining the trust of all the customers.
  • Also, our company gives proper attention to all the detailing of the products irrespective of their sizes. Thus, we aim at making an efficient range of cosmetic hair products which are flexible for every buyer.
  • Moreover, we deliver all our products in every part of India on time with punctuality.

Why Vive Cosmetics is the Best Hair Care Product Manufacturers in India?


If you are looking for a Manufacturing Company in India who can deliver the best Hair Care Range for business purposes, then Vive Cosmetics is the one-stop destination for you. We are giving our extraordinary services in this industry as the Top Third Party Manufacturers for Hair Care Range. With the 100% satisfactory range of qualitative products we have ruled the Indian Market. All the products we manufacture in our unit first get certified by the GMP and WHO organization. Our haircare range is capable of resolving all the problems related to hair. So, you can completely rely on us for the safest products for your hair. You can invest your money in Vive Cosmetics now for the better business opportunities in India and earn profits.  So, get the widest range of products in this range which includes different products under –

  • Hair-serum
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair oils & treatments

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