Skin Serums

Name Packsize
Vitamin c serum 10ml to 100ml
Vitamin c with saffron serum 10ml to 100ml
Nia acid serum 10ml to 100ml
Anti ageing serum 10ml to 100ml
Retinol serum 10ml to 100ml
Anti ageing night serum 10ml to 100ml
Skin whitening serum 10ml to 100ml
Vitamin c serum hyaluronic acid 10ml to 100ml
Kumkumad serum with gold dust 10ml to 100ml
Face serum with niacinamide 10ml to 100ml

Hair oils & treatments

Name Packsize
Onion hair oil (Red) 100ml to 500ml
Potato hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Green tea hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Herbal hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Coffee hair oil 100ml to 500ml
hair oil for straightened 100ml to 500ml
Anti grey hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Hibiscus hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Onion & Ginger hair oil 100ml to 500ml
10 days hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Apple cidar hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Chocolate hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Curry leaf hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Amla bhringraj hair oil 100ml to 500ml
Cool oil 100ml to 500ml
18 in one oil 100ml to 500ml


Name Packsize
Shea butter 100ml to 500ml
Cocoa butter 100ml to 500ml
Kokum butter 100ml to 500ml
Mango butter 100ml to 500ml
Jojoba butter 100ml to 500ml

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What is the Demand for the Cosmetic Oils in the Indian Market?

The global market for oil was at US$ 50.58 billion in 2018 and it is expected to see compound annual growth of 5.2% from the year 2019 to 2025. This range includes all the essential oils that can be needed for our body, be it our hair or our skin. The driving market growth for the oil is because of its various properties such as antimicrobial, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory. Also, there is a high call for organic and natural beauty products. The oil in the cosmetology market is used for hair and skin care products in various forms of facial oils, elixir oil and hair oil and also as a major ingredient in lip balms, lipsticks, moisturizers, and serums. Also, there is been an increasing demand for beauty oils such as argon oil which helps in curing several problems like dry scalp and dandruff. In recent years, it is seen that Bio-oils have gained popularity in the Indian markets as a substitute for the chemical-based face creams. These Bio-oils can help in reducing hyperpigmentation, scars, stretch marks, and dry skin.

Thus, with the rising demand and expectations of the customers in the market, there are several companies in India that are indulging in the manufacturing processes for oils and other personal care products. In the coming years, this demand for cosmetic oil will increase more rapidly; thus, you need to start concentrating on your business. Connect yourself with Vive Cosmetics to enjoy all the attention in the market.

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Why Vive cosmetics is the leading Oil Manufacturers In India?

Vive Cosmetics is the leading Private Label Oil Manufacturing Company in India. We are a team of expert professionals who combines their skills and experience to make innovative solutions in the Hair and Skin care industry. Moreover, to attain the maximum quality oil range, we have set up our separate manufacturing unit and an R&D department. We only use the best technology and machines to formulate our cosmetics range. All the products we offer in the market are approved by the GMP and WHO. Thus, you can completely rely on the quality that we deliver. Vive Cosmetics provides a wide range of products in the Oil section which includes Skin Serums, Butters, Hair oils & treatments. So, join us now for more such exciting offers and business opportunities in India.

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